One Man’s Journey – A Beautiful Breakthrough…


Andy and I have recently enjoyed the most beautiful Breakthrough Experience with a client. His name is Terry, he’s 42, and he’s given us full permission to share his story.

Terry flew up to Inverness for his 48 hour Breakthrough not really knowing quite what to expect. He’d been experiencing issues in his relationships; they never seemed to last. He knew women were drawn to him, but they soon began to get disgruntled, then he would find himself doing anything and everything he could to sabotage and escape the relationship. This pattern kept repeating itself, even though he had been dating some really wonderful women.

At 42, he felt it was time to sort these issues out once and for all. Read More →

When spiritual quotes are misused…


Spirituality… is it all it’s cracked up to be?

One thing I’ve become aware of in the world of spirituality, is that for some there is a deep need to be seen as spiritual. This is ironic, because the moment spirituality becomes an important part of someone’s identity, it’s at risk of becoming an ego-trip. This is the antithesis of spirituality. Liberation is the letting go of the title, of the need to be seen in a certain way, and just quietly living a spiritual life. It is only the ego that has the need for fanfare.

Over the last few years I’ve come to question a great deal of what I initially learned on my journey, and I’ve formed a fresher understanding as my awareness has evolved. I’ve listed some regularly used spiritual philosophies below to illustrate what I mean. What is evident to me is that these philosophies can exist in one of two energies: either from the ego (spiritual snobbery), or from the soul (true spirituality), and their resulting meanings are worlds apart. In whichever of these energies an individual spends most of their time is how the philosophy will be experienced and projected onto others.

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One couple’s breakthrough to love…


We worked with a couple recently who had been together for 3 years. Our couple – let’s call them Mike and Ann – have given us permission to share their story. These are not their real names, and these photos are not of them – our clients always maintain full confidentiality.

Mike and Ann were experiencing difficulties in their relationship and wanted to find a way through. Communication was often fraught; either of them only had to do or say the slightest thing to spark an argument. This was happening without any intention to hurt or offend the other, so wires were definitely getting crossed somewhere between them.

Each time they argued it would take them into negative energy, where they would remain for several days until they worked their way back into a good place again. A few days later the cycle would repeat… and continue repeating three or four times a month.

When their relationship was good, it was great, and when it was difficult, it hurt like crazy for both of them. They were at their wits end.

One thing was very evident – this couple loved one another deeply. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to be together. They just didn’t know how to be together in a peaceful way, or how to resolve their differences amicably.

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How facing her fears gave birth to her dream…


We had a wonderful phone call recently. A beautiful young lady we worked with last year gave birth to a gorgeous little baby girl. This may seem pretty normal for a 32 year old married woman, but for her it was life-changing and a dream come true. Her name is Christine, and she’s given us permission to share her story.

When Christine initially contacted us, she’d been struggling with anxiety for a long time. She really wanted to resolve this. She was longing for a life where she could look forward to the future without constant worry. She’d been trying to start a family for over five years, but her body wasn’t yielding.

Christine constantly imagined the worst case scenario for the majority of situations she faced. Logically she knew that the worst case scenario rarely materialised, but it didn’t stop her imagining it anyway. It’s no wonder she felt anxious so much of the time. She had no idea how to stop this from taking over her life. Read More →

How can you tell whether someone is manifesting or manipulating?


I was having a great conversation with my beautiful Soul-Sister a couple of weeks ago when she came to visit. One of the topics we got into chatting about was something that is widely sold and accepted nowadays… that financial wealth is a measure of self-worth.

As far as the law of attraction is concerned, this statement simply doesn’t resonate with me any longer. Read More →