The way you’re attracted into a relationship can often provide vital clues as to the outcome…


Have you ever really thought about the way in which you set out to attract a new partner, or the way in which you find yourself being attracted into a new relationship? It’s such a vital element to think about, because ultimately, it can tell you so much about the kind of relationship that is likely to unfold.

It works for both sexes equally, and there are very few people who haven’t exhibited one or more of the patterns shared in this article in the search for love. Quite simply, we all respond to the stimuli around us – men and women alike. We all set out to stimulate and be stimulated in the search for love. Read More →

The perfect relationship…?


Are you striving to seek the perfect partner for you, or are you in a relationship where you’re constantly wishing your partner were different, or more perfect? If so, then I’d like to share some tips with you on how to bring out the perfection in the people around you, particularly in your intimate relationship. Read More →

Why do we worry so much about what others think of us?


Now there’s a question – why do we worry so much about what others think of us? Have you ever really thought about this? Realistically, how logical is it to do so?

If you were to walk into a room of 20 people, they would all have a different perception of you. Which one would you choose to define who you are? Read More →

How we gamble on our relationships every day…


Making assumptions – they really can cause so much damage to our relationships.

Anything your partner says or does has to travel through your filter system. You then make an assumption about what it means based on your beliefs and expectations. However, your assumptions are just as likely to be incorrect as they are to be correct, unless your partner’s behaviour and words are crystal clear.

Both men and women make them in everyday communication, and here’s just one example:  Read More →

Do you get upset when they don’t text back?


Do you get upset when someone you really like doesn’t reply to your text?

It’s a very common problem. You see, so much of our giving takes place on a hidden exchange system, even though we’re blissfully unaware of it. When it does, it’s because we need or want to hear something back. So for example if we send someone a text saying that we had a wonderful evening after a date, and they don’t reply within a couple of hours, our natural response is to feel upset and rejected. Even though we don’t realise it, we feel this rejection because the real reason for our text was to hear them say what we needed to hear. And so, when we don’t receive anything back, we might even follow it up with another text along the lines of ‘I guess you don’t fancy me then!’ Ooops! Is this in any way familiar? Read More →