Stand Up And Be Counted…


If we always walk away from confrontation, convincing ourselves that we are the better person by not responding, sometimes that can be egoic in itself… because often the real message is that doing so will somehow prove to others that the issue doesn’t bother us, and therefore mean that we must be the bigger and better person.

Personally, I don’t believe it does. Because the two don’t always add up…

Not standing up for yourself and choosing to walk away can be done in several energies:

  • Lovingly (no triggers)
  • Fearfully (lots of triggers)
  • Or manipulatively (got one over on you, because everyone else will think I’m the better person because I appear not to be bothered)

Only you know the energy in which you’re doing it. The most important part is in understanding what you are either standing up or down for… Read More →

My 60 Soulmate Criteria


In April 2007, I wrote down a list of everything I wanted to experience in an intimate relationship. I allowed my thoughts to flow, and listed absolutely everything… not only what I wanted to experience in love, but also in my life, my work, in where I lived, right down to having a vegetable garden.

Little did I know that everything I was writing was about to begin unfolding for me… so I am sharing my list below.

I know that many Law of Attraction teachers will tell you never to use the words ‘I want’ when manifesting, because it supposedly comes from a place of lack. For me, it doesn’t. It comes from a place of complete expectation…

So, in my Soulmate, here’s what I want… Read More →

Soul Awakening

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Some years ago I discovered that I am an Enneagram type Two. The Enneagram is an ancient wisdom which teaches about the 9 ways of ‘being’ and perceiving life. It was created mainly for the egoic traits that arise through each type. Each of the 9 types are different, but have pretty much default and predictable behavioural patterns, and between them they make up humanity. When you understand this, you tend to understand why so many people feel so easily offended or can be judgmental in today’s society… it’s because we are all so different whilst telling each other ‘Be like me, be like me!’ rather than ‘Be like you, be like you!’…

These days, the Enneagram has become very sugar-coated to make it socially acceptable so that it doesn’t offend the fragile egos of those who would have to face the truth about how they show up at times and the patterns they play on themselves and others. As a society, we do everything we can to avoid or gloss over this side of ourselves, yet we don’t realise just how much it’s preventing us from finding our deepest peace. With this sugar-coating, the wisdom and potential the Enneagram contains becomes hugely diluted. You see, you cannot recognise and break through anything that is holding you back if you’re refusing to acknowledge what that is. You simply cannot break through what you’re not willing to see.
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